Box Styles and Options

  • Single, double and triple-wall corrugated 
  • Regular slotted carton (RSC) with four flaps that meet in the middle
  • Full overlap carton (FOL) with four flaps that overlap for additional strength 
  • One-piece folder (OPF) – used for shipping flat, thin items like books or artwork
  • Five-panel folder – used for long, thin products 
  • Die-cut corrugated – has special cuts to create the desired shape

Full-color printing is available for each option to show off your brand and other important information.


The best type of box for you depends on a number of factors, including product weight, size and shape, sensitivity and material.

Already have a box you’re using and want to switch to something similar? Check out the box certification on the bottom of your current packaging. This shows the box maker and what board grade is used, as well as other specs.


Why choose a corrugated cardboard box over other options, like crates or cases? Here are a few reasons: